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Daily court information is now accessible from the Ministry

This online version of the daily court lists allows court users to search for basic information about next-day court appearances, including the case number, the names of the parties involved, and the time, location and reason for that appearance.

Cyberbullying Bill
Posted Nov.24, 2013
On Wednesday, the Canadian federal government introduced Bill C-13, a ‘new’ cyberbullying bill to address the increasingly harmful effects of intimate images going viral online. The cyberbullying proposals are part of a wider omnibus bill that amends a few acts, including the Criminal Code and Evidence Act. 

SCC upholds Ontario ban on private label drugs

Posted Nov.25, 2013

The Supreme Court of Canada dealt a blow to pharmacy chains on Friday when it upheld Ontario’s ban on drugstores’ sales of their own private-label generic prescription drugs.

In the 7-0 decision, Justice Rosalie Abella noted that Canada spends more on prescription drugs per capita than almost any other industrialized country and she highlighted “Ontario’s totemic struggle to control generic drug prices.”

The provincial ban on a pharmacy chain’s buying from its own subsidiary aims to overcome anticompetitive behavior, or to prevent prices that are unnaturally high.

“Each time the government has introduced new measures, market participants have changed their business practices to obviate the restrictions and keep prices high,” Abella wrote.

The ruling in Katz Group Canada Inc. v. Ontario (Health and Long Term Care)

only applies directly to Ontario, the biggest market in Canada. But it could inspire similar bans in other provinces, which have already followed Ontario’s lead in cutting prices for generic drugs.

Do I Need a Paralegal?

Faced with a potential legal issue, more and more Ontarians are hearing: “Call a paralegal.”

What is a paralegal and why should you contact one?

Some quick facts:

  • Paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) – the same organization that regulates lawyers on behalf of the public.
  • Ontario paralegals are licensed to provide a limited range of legal services.
  • Paralegals represent clients who need help with legal issues and offer advice on dealing with legal matters that are within the “paralegal scope of practice.”
  • Paralegal fees are generally below those of lawyers who practice law in these same areas
  • Paralegals represent clients in three main areas:Provincial Offences

To ensure a Paralegal has a license in good standing, or to obtain a referral to a Paralegal in your area, you can visit the Law Society website at

Innisfil Journal

August 8, 2013

While Lori Boudreau of Alcona takes on matters for clients from many regions, she is hoping to develop a steady number of clients within Innisfil.

Innisfil Journal